Camping in the Canadian Shield

By: Neil Saha

What to do at Camp Tawingo?

At Camp Tawingo there is a variety of activities to choose from. Some including hiking, biking, fishing, overnight camping, hunting and rafting.  At Camp Tawingo the weather is very nice throughout the months of June to August. This Camp is a great tourist attraction for families who enjoy the outdoors and sun. Camp Tawingo is a great place to enjoy your summer, so be sure to visit!


Camp Tawingo is located in the southern part of Ontario

Physical Region

    Camp Tawingo has a continental climate with total precipitation ranging from 755 - 1015mm annually. This camp has winds which are located near water, which may provide a moderating effect. The southern parts of the Canadian shield experience cold winters with harsh snowfall but warm summers which are perfect for camping, the impact of the Canadian shield having distinctive atmospheres in diverse parts is because of wind currents and high altitudes.  

      Camp Tawingo is located in the Canadian Shield and has two major landforms, that include a rocky surface of mainly igneous rock and many coniferous forests which are perfect for hiking and biking. The southern section of the Canadian Shield is mainly boreal, meaning that it is mostly coniferous forest. This is also an ideal area where you can set up a tent.

       The soil profile in the Canadian shield is very dense soil that is not suitable for forestation. The region also contains many marshes and bogs. The northern part of the region has a very thin soil lying on top of the bedrock, with many bare outcrops. This arrangement was caused by severe glaciation during the ice age, which covered the region and scraped the rock clean as well as coarse soil that does not retain moisture well and is frozen as permafrost year round.

            The Canadian shield is mostly formed with igneous and metamorphic rock. As magma rose toward the surface, it intruded into cracks of the Shield rock and after it colled, forming igneous rock. The metamorphic rocks were formed at convergent boundaries when pieces of continental crust were pushed together with force so that the rocks began to bend and compress. At Camp Tawingo you can also go hiking and mountain biking which is perfect with the thin soin and bedrock beneath it.  

Human Activities

           At Camp Tawingo there is a variety of activities to choose from which are very fun for the whole family to participate in. At this camp there is a huge camp site where families can do anything from sleep in tents to have a barbecue or a picnic. There is many activities to participate in at the campsite which include fishing at lake Simcoe. The weather in the Canadian Shield is amazing for fishing due to temperatures which aren't or cold with low winds. These temperatures are caused by warmer air being in the Southern parts

Influence of Climate Change

            Climate change can impact this tourist attraction in ways that can stop tourists from ever visiting Camp Tawingo again. Climates can change drastically,one major factor of climate change in the Canadian Shield can be the precipitation. The most common type of precipitation in the Canadian Shield is Convectional precipitation. This type of rainfall occurs when there is heat during the summers. It warms the ground, then the warmth rises to form clouds. More hot air is brought in by low pressure and wind forms. The clouds become heavy with condensation and rain falls. This type of rainfall can cause hot summer days to turn into gloomy summer nights.

Natural Disasters

            In the southern part of the Canadian Shield there are not many natural disasters but some small ones including moderate earthquakes, tsunamis and floods.

Camp Tawingo

An experience of camping in the Canadian Shield

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