Every day millions are diagnosed with cancer. It can attack any part of the body . Many products can be a threat to cancer for example tobacco , and even prescription pills .In recent years, studies showing that plastic, cellular phone use, Styrofoam, and triclosan (a common ingredient in antibacterial soap) cause cancer have made headlines. Experts have called the studies inconclusive.Cancer results from the abnormal growth of malignant cells. There should be a way for us to be more aware of our health and ways to prevent such a heartbreaking disease . With yearly checkups and causes reminders  of what can be risks.
We should be aware about the risks of taking anyprescriptions or having a option about what is being put into our bodies. Most prescription pills have been known to affect woman.That study of almost 10,000 women in finland , was less through in its evolution of antibiotic  use was associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. However ,not only antibiotics, but the things we are surrounded by everyday and the usage of it. Some mutations occur during a persons life caused by tobacco, UV radiation, viruses, age, and other factors.
Therefore it should be provided that each year through age 5 and up to get yearly checkups being associated with any kind of cancer. Especially when one is carrying the cancer gene. Taking action should be when the cancer is most vulnerable , then when its found around stages 3 or 4. Keeping a good eye for anyone who has had cancer before because of the spread of the tumors.
We should take a action to reduce  the amount of people dying for this cause .By having caution and yearly checkups can make a big difference .