11/26/14 Re-Introduction

I lived in Los Angeles for 6 years then I moved to Minnesota. Every year I go to Los Angeles to visit my Aunt. We go there to celebrate holidays and go there just to visit her. The part of LA we lived in were the good neighborhoods but some parts of LA were not the safe of a environment to be in.

Then in the year 2011-2012 me and my family moved to Minneapolis because my dad had to work here for US bank. Now I will be living here until my dad has to move again for his job.

When I lived in LA me and my friends used to go to Venice beach to go swimming and play sand volleyball with a bunch of my friends and some other people we found to play with us.  

The Santa Monica Pier was the favorite place me, my family, and my friends would go to. We would go there just about every weekend. When you go on the roller coaster their you get a good view of the ocean and the pier.

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