This is my family, I am the youngest. I have an older brother and sister named Ashley and Justin, I have a couple of pictures with my mom and dad. My parents aren't together so that's why there isn't a picture of my whole family together. My sister is studying to be a physical therapist, my brother works with my dad at our dealerships and my mom doesn't work she doesn't really do anything. We go on a trip every summer that explains the plane picture.


03/12/14 During Spring Break I went to the island for a friends birthday and she got a party boat we had so much fun I would love to do it again. I am with the girls from the party boat almost everyday they're my BFF's, and literally my PIC so glad I met them. I think they are the only girls i can trust with everything.

03/08/14 I went to Hebbronville with my old friends from home. Prom was really fun, I those friends its always good to see them. They've been my friends since I was a little girl. I don't think i"ll ever stop being friends with them, i keep in touch with them no matter what. I talk to some of my friends that aren't in this picture like everyday.

03/24/14 My dad has been a huge impact on my life. I say my dad because he always gets mad at me when I do wrong or when I need to better my self. My dad pushes me to do my best because he wants my siblings and I to be as successful as he is one day. He's always on my butt about almost everything. W hen I need someone I know he'll be there because he understands me and hes my dad.

03/27/14 My favorite teacher would have to be Mr. Kruse. He's a really good teacher he pushes everyone in my class to do their best. He's very hard on us but I think it's a good thing because when we get to college our professors won't care as much.  He's a really fun teacher, he's a genius and knows like everything. He always talks about random things but everything he says teaches us a lot I think.


4/7/14 This is my little cousin Jordan she is Tiny Miss Harlingen. She had a pageant yesterday 4/6/14 in Mcallen, representing Harlingen she got 2nd runner up. She is such a cutie I love her so much my mom tells me she is exactly how I was when I was a little girl.

4/16/14 I don't really know what I want to do after High school. My parents always ask me, I usually say I wanna do something with fashion. Fashion is probably the only thing id be interested in.

#1 I think this is a good business card, its cute and a lot of people need DD's

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#3 I do not like this card i think it is so ugly!

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#8 This card is really pretty and has a lot to it.

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