A variety of rune equipment in Runescape 2007 Gold

With a combat level of 402, Dingoneks make formidable foes. They have 100,000 LP and attack with both melee and magic. 97 Slayer is required and they can only be fought while on Rs Gold. Killing a Dingonek provides 5,766 slayer experience, 12,681 combat experience and 4,084 hitpoints experience. They are a triple threat attack, defense, and speed.

Combat with a Dingonek works in 2 phases, one for their first 75,000LP and one for their last 25,000 LP. The first phase of combat consists of both members of the fastrsandcheapfifa must dodge attacks from the beasts mighty fangs and agile tail, while simultaneously attempting to do as much damage as possible. Once the creature reaches 25,000 LP, the second phase begins.

The Dingonek will attack with such speed and power that one slayer must focus solely on distracting it and surviving. Meanwhile, the other slayer must attempt to get behind the beast in order to deal damage, and ultimately slay it.

Dingoneks have a drop table similar to that of other high level slayer creatures, including things like noted logs, noted ores and bars, and a variety of rune equipment in Runescape 2007 Gold. Their specific drops include Dingonek Bones, which provide a base of 182 prayer experience. Each player killing the Dingonek will get their own drop set, including their own set of bones.

Dingoneks also have three rare drops, Dingonek Acid, Dingonek Fangs, and a Dingonek Stinger. These are used along side Automaton Gloves in order to make T90 Tank Gloves.