Lauren Owen

Photograhpy Portfolio

Colorful Light

I was taking pictures in the land surrounding my house when I passed my treehouse we played in years ago. I climbed the rickety boards that were hammered into the trunk. When I reached the top, I tried many angles to capture the sun peeking through the trees, and this one was my favorite.


I shot pictures of this exceedingly irritating rooster that has no concept of time or decency for a nature project in photojournalism class.


I took this picture of my friend, Anna Joy, for a portrait unit in my photojournalism class.


I took this picture for an elements assigment for my photojournalism class. I stood on a ledge above a creek running through the land surrounding my house.

Tunnel Vision

I took this picture for my photojournalism class's elements assignment. This photo focuses on the natural frame the water tunnel supplies.


I snapped this picture with about 100 other pictures of my cousin's foster puppy, Mabel, for a nature assignment in my photojournalism class.


I took this high contrast black and white photo for the elements unit of my photojournalism class.


I took this photo of a horse that was kept on our land. His race name is New Beginnings.

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