Founded By Joanathan Wellburn


People started to settle in the Western European region during the Paleolithic Era about 20,000 years ago. Generations thrived in the area that is present day Holland until the Dutch Revolution that occurred in 1566 and ended in 1648. Shortly after the end of the Dutch Revolution a small faction did not want to join the newly formed Netherlands (Holland). This group decided to go off on their own and start a civilization of their own that would later be called Inglenook. The founding father of Inglenook was Joanathan Wellburn. Joanathan was so simple entertainer before Inglenook was founded. The people of Inglenook decided to base their political system off of many others. They became a Demographic Monarchy, Kings and simple people were involved in a politics.


Although many Inglnookians are atheist (those who don't believe in the existence of "God"), there are still a fair share of other religious groups. The second biggest religious group is agnostics (those who neither believe or disbelieve in the existence of "God"). The third biggest group is the ietsistics (those who don't believe in "God" per say but do believe that there is something out there).Of course there are the smaller groups like Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, etc:, Inglenook is a very diverse and accepting place.

Political and Social Organization

In a Democratic Monarchy there is a Royal family along with the three branches of government that America has. The royal family however is only a formality and really has nothing to do with the decisions on the function of the country. The three branches consist of the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative. The only thing that is different between America's three branches and that of   Inglenook's is the composition of the Legislature. Instead of two houses there is only one. The one house is the House of Senators, each town has a senator to represent them since the country is so small.


Inglenook has a Market Economic System. In this system the government is not involved and do not control vital resources. The currency are called Wellburn Bucks or WB's for short. Inglenook is a proud member of the  UN, WTO, OECD, and OSCE. The economy of Inglenook is thriving with imports coming from all over. There are also a large amount or exports as well. Since Inglenook started as a farming and cultivation country, farming and cultivation are still players in the economy.Along with farming and cultivation Inglenookians also mine. However, Inglenook has come quite far in a little over 367 years; now along with farming Inglenook is also a big player technologically. Almost half of Inglenooks exports are some sort of machine of computer. Inglenook is small enough to were a lot more is imported than is being exported.


In Inglenook education is free and both boys and girls can go to school. Most children go to school until 12th grade. However most jobs require that you have at least some college (2+ years). Education is very important in Inglenook. The value of education is installed into our children early on to ensure that they follow an educational path of their own free will. Schools in Inglenook are technology based. Combined with traditional classroom learning children are also exposed to technology as early as Kindergarten. Anywhere from tablet time(a period of time where the children get a tablet and play educational games) to full on computer lessons is what you can expect to see in Inglenook.


Since Inglenook is a small country there is no need for a large army or navy. With having said that Inglenook does however have a well trained and efficient army and navy.We also have the police who patrol the streets regularly and respond to any issues as quick as possible. The people of Inglenook feel very safe and call the police if there is a problem. As a result of this regular patrol and quick response there is a rather low crime rate.


In Inglenook there many different cultures and languages. Taking this into consideration there is no official language. Most official documents are written in at least two different languages at all times. The two languages are normally the most spoken language in the country and the ruling lingua franca. However every child must learn Dutch as a first language in school and English (which is the current reining lingua franca) as a second language.

Climate Region

Inglenook is located in between The Netherlands and Germany, south of Denmark. Inglenooks has a temperate maritime climate influenced by the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean, with cool summers and moderate winters. Daytime temperatures varies from 2°C-6°C in the winter and 17°C-20°C in the summer.This climate region is exactly like that of it's neighbor Holland.


The food that Inglenookians is very hearty and filling. Inglenook has a greenhouse system that consists greatly of tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. The most common arable crops are potatoes (seed, starch and edible), winter corn, summer barley, sugar beets and onions.


Most of Inglenooks population lives in small cities, though there is one slightly bigger city called Curfrancis (the capital). About 181,067 people live in Inglenook and of that population about 1/4 live in Inglenook. Since the population is fairly middle class most people live in townhouses. There are the few that live out in the country (these houses are bigger). [Example of townhouses and country houses below]

Relationships to Family

In an average Inglenookian family only the immediate family lives in a house together. Every once in a while you will find a household with extended family living there but it's rare. Most children get along well with their parents its most likely because of the amount of freedom that most parents give their children and the trust that they put in them.

Creative Expression

In Inglenook sports are a huge part of every day happenings. The national sport is soccer but it's not the only sport that is played. Other sports such as football, wrestling, volleyball, and tennis are also big in Inglenookian culture. Other activities that are prominent in Inglenook are Art, singing, dance, and other creative outlets. All of these creative activities are the ways that we keep our youth off the streets. The activities keep their minds occupied and to also burn off any extra energy. All genres of movies and music are watched and listened to in Inglenook.

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