Muhammad ali jinna

Location - Karachi, Pakistan

Country - Pakistan

Muhammad rose to power because he was a lawyer, politician and the founder of Pakistan.

Muhammad Ali Jinna's style of government was a governor-general and president of its constituent assembly. Muhammad supported Pakistan's independence from India. He also joined the National Congress and the India Muslim League. He was the first dictator of Pakistan.

His priorities was to develop a growing interest in politics deeming it a more glamorous field than law. Jinnah was particularly interested in the politics of India and its lack of strong representation in British Parliament.

This is Muhammad's wife
Not yet 20 years old, in 1896 he became the youngest Indian to pass. As a barrister, in his bearing, dress and delivery
This is Muhammad and Ghandi.

His foreign world policy was to Jinnah was a typical Indian nationalist at the turn of the century, aiming to get rid of the British from the subcontinent as fast as possible. He adopted two strategies: one was to try to operate within the British system; the other was to work for a united front of Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Parsees against the British.

Best known as: Founder of Pakistan. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a lawyer and politician who fought for the cause of India's independence from Britain. He's also known for being close friends with Ghandi.

Born : December 25, 1876, Karachi Pakistan Died: September 11, 1948, Dominion of Pakistan

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