Omaha zoo trip

by: Tyra Jones
May 1st 2014. 7.3.

The Search for Animals:)

This Napoleon Wasser is one of the largest coral reef fishes.

Napoleon Wassse  

biome: salt water. ocean.

scientific name: Cheilinus undulatus.

habitat/home range: coral reefs and drop-offs. shallow lagoons.

fish adaptations                           Napoleon Wasser

1.    fins                                                     1. big forehead

2.  gills                                                      2. cold blooded

3.     salt and fresh water                      3.  camouflage

4.  has scales                                             4. likes to be in dark water

5.  mouth                                                     5. lay eggs.

the croak of this frog is so deep it is said it sounds like a cow.

common name: Bullfrog

Biome: in the swamps/ wet lands. were it is moist and wet.

scientific name: Rana Catsesbeiana

home range/habitat: were it is wet with rivers and lakes not much oceans or sea's.

Amphibian Adaptations:                                    bullfrog

1.   start out in water                                                1. web feet

2.   breath will lungs                                                 2. smooth skin

3.   live in water                                                            3. live on land

4.   have to be moist                                                    4. can't live in dry places

5. have a really long toung to get food                   5.  have a lot of muscles.

Burmese python are huge snakes that can eat about any thing

common name: Burmese python

biome:  they like it in the jungle

scientific name: Python Molurus Bvittatus

home range/ enviroment: big open spaces with trees.

reptile adaptions                              Burmese python

1.    most have feet                                   1. lay alot of eggs

2. get up to 15 feet long                          2. live in Florida

3. cold- blooded                                       3. the yellow one is albino

4.  hatch from eggs.                               4. like grassy marshes

5.   carnivores                                           5.  poor eyesight.

They have a large bill, it is larger than most Puffins.

common name: Tufted puffin

biome: in really cold water

scientific name: Fratercula

home range/habitat: in the north pacific.

birds adaptions                                            tufted puffin

1. different feet per type of bird                    1. web feet

2.  lay eggs                                                          2. can't fly

3. have feathers                                                  3. father protects and keeps eggs warm

4. some can fly.                                                   4. has a big beak

5.  not all reptiles can swim                             5. swims really good.

Sloths Move so slow that they can get moldy fur.

common name: two-toed sloth

Biome: in the trees in the jungle

scientific name: Cholepus didactylus

home range/habitat: where their are lots of trees so they can hang up side down.

mammal adaptions                                    two-toed sloth

1. have fur                                                      1. two toes

2. have hands                                                2. worm blooded

3. have babies                                               3. lives in trees

4. has feet                                                       4. moves slow

5. omnivore                                                    5. eats insects and plants.

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