Brighton Beach

The Great Depression

The Great Depression started in October 29, 1929 and ended in 1939. the nation suffered after World War. There was a drought and many people lost their jobs and houses. The banks were failing to save their clients money and lost all the savings. Food was beginning to become limited because resources were also becoming limited. People tried to fins shelter because many people couldn't afford to live in the luxury. Families lived in a small house with another family maybe even two other families. The Dust Bowl also hit windows were shattered and they had to put wet towels and change them every hour or so because they would get filled with dirt. People had very limited money because jobs were lost, education was hard. Women were in their all day homes cleaning and trying to get the dirt out, trying to find ways to keep the house clean and take care of the children at the same time; making food for their husband and kids. Many families had the same food over and over again there was no spending money on their kids such as a piece of candy or a toy. Mothers had learned to sew and sold the clothing and made some for their families. Children weren't allowed outside and rarely went to school at that point.

Utep in the 1930's

UTEP's tuition in the 1930's was

The mascot in the 1930's is the same mascot that there is today. The mascot is a man with a UTEP t-shirt and with an foam axe and with jeans.

Groceries cost such as; Dozen eggs 18 cents, Bananas 19 cents, Spinach 5 cents a pound, and Tooth paste was 27 cents..Gas in the 1930's was 10 cents per gallon, later in 1939 it rose 10 more cents. The average cost of a car is $640.00 later in 1939 the cost rose up to 700.00. 

Stan's Apology letter

Dear Mr. Stroheim

I apologize sir that i talked back to you that i disobeyed you i shouldn't have said anything i should have stayed quiet. My father taught me principles and responsibility he said that i should stand up for what i believe is justice. i wanted to help our worker because it was an accident. I wanted to just help someone for once and i didn't think of what i had done.

I know this may not be much but right after i did it i felt horrible. I felt horrible because you've been such a great boss i can't deny that because you've done so much for me and my family. I had no reason to that sir i had not reason to treat you like that. I know i might not get a full pay check but for what its worth i could stay a couple of hours.

Mr. Stroheim please re-hire me and i promise you won't regret it i will treat you with respect and i will obey you. I know i have done wrong, i know i have done something foolish and i wish i could have taken it back. Next time i do something i will think twice to do so. Please take this letter into consideration sir i will wait take your time

Thank you for your time


Broadway show


The Matilda Broadway show is a lovely show about a young little girl who's is neglected by her parents and her older brother is favorited by her parents. When she starts school there is a very uncivil principal that doesn't like children. Matilda's parents don't rally care about what she does because when she was an infant she was left all alone. In her school she meets her friends that help her with what she needs especially to get out of trouble. She gets a very sweet and nice teacher in the end she gets adopted by the teacher. The tickets are on sale from 37-89$ depending on which one you would like to watch.

personal Review

Brighton beach memoirs had a lot of moral lessons. Eugene learned that he had to grow up and leave his childhood behind because he had to take care of the family.

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