Caught Up in a Fantasy

One of the many theme's pulled from The Great Gatsby is to not get caught up among-st one's own fantasies. Years of Gatsby's life were contributed to planning out how he would reunite with Daisy and win her over just as easily as he did when they were teens. In his head he would play out exactly how it would go. He disregarded that she was married and the fact that she had a child. He had built this up in his head what would happen and no logical or moral barrier would stand in his way. He had almost become delusional thinking Daisy would drop her whole life to move in with a man she had feelings for when she was young. He did not leave room in his mind for the possibility of her turning him away; and because she had thought of him over the years as well she was easily sucked into his fantasy. Not because she had devoted her life to finding him, but because she seems to be a sucker for grand gestures. Gatsby was so lost in what he wanted he didn't even account for how Daisy was actually feeling through out everything. Gatsby even told Tom that, " [Daisy] doesn't love you... She's never loved you. She loves me" (Fitzgerald 130). He truly believed Daisy had no emotional connection with her husband and simply married him for status. His fantasy was disconnected from reality, he was lost. This theme of loosing touch is a constant force through out the book. It is what pushes each character to be who they are.

By Alexis Royce


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