The simpsons are a family living in this town called Springfield they go through crazy times trying to live like a normal family. The dad is called homer simpson he works at a nuclear factory but he is always doing his work right and comes home and all he does is eat donuts and sleep. He has to get rid of some toxic waste so he dumps it in the lake the whole lake turns black and deadly. The animals go to drink water but they turn all ugly and mutated so the whole town has to get put into a big bubble so it wont spread.

The religion of theirs is Christians they go to a church they learn about god  and all that stuff but they are always late and not ready for it they don't even pay attention to but they still go to it.

Their economy is that the factory were homer works at gets more and more nuclear waste and their mayor selling and trading goods money by doing bad things like stilling and killing and taking money from workers.

The relationship with family is not that good because he beats his son he never pays attention to his daughter and never helps out in the house when he does he does everything wrong so he just drinks and eats.

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