Final Project México-Florida

By Diana Calderón.

"Hi. I met some friends from Florida in my English class. They are Nia Harmon, Samantha Hatcher, Laura Wiedenhoever and Chanyce Williams, and they are from Tallahassee, Florida. They like play the piano and other instruments, play soccer and listen to the music, they like some of the spanish music, but they don't like  the situation in all the country, they don't like the injustice and they don't like how their school is building, in their school the gangways are full of the students. Their school is big, noisy, with a parking lot, and there is a cafeteria. They have classes of maths,chemestry, biology, history, languagues etc.

The typical food is hot dogs, pizza, hamburgers, french potatoes, etc.

Their favourite holidays are Independence Day and Thanksgiving.

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