By: Raul Ramirez-Galindo

Why is it important?

Fact 1- Temperature Change

The way the temperature changes in the atmosphere starts with the Troposphere being colder, then the Stratosphere getting hotter, the Mesosphere getting to -90 degrees celcius, and finally the Thermosphere the hottest layer in the atmosphere.

Fact 2- Pressure

The way pressure changes is in the Trophoshere is  the most pressure and as you go higher in the atmosphere pressure gets lower and lower, and in the last layer it has the least pressure.

Fact 3- Gases

The atmosphere has tons of gases but the most common type of gases are nitrogen which makes up 78% of earths atmosphere, oxygen 21% of the atmosphere, argon 0.93% of the atmosphere, and carbon dioxide 0.038% of the atmosphere.

Fact 4- The Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse Effect is when some of the solar radiation from the sun gets reflected by the earths surface and atmosphere. This is how earth gets hotter.

Fact 5- Why The Earth is Important

There are numoruse reasons why the atmosphere is important. Here are some reasons.

1. Without it we could burn to death because the atmoshpere blocks some of the suns rays and without it we would burn.

2. We would'nt be able to breath because the atmosphere is made up of oxygen and we need that to breath.

Fact 6- The Layers

The atmoshpere has five layers, the Trophosphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, and Thermosphere.  The way the protect us is the Stratosphere blocks some of the suns rays so we don't burn. The Mesosphere protects us from meteroids.

Fact 7- Air pressure

Air pressure is what pushes down on you and earth. The higher up you go the less air pressure, but the lower you go the air pressure is higher.

Fact 8- How did the Primitive Atmosphere was Held to Earth

The way all the gases of the atmosphere held on to the earth was by gravity pulling the gses in.

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