Easter Island

By: Cooper Clark

This is a Image of Easter Island From space taken in 2014.

Legend 1: One Legend says that kings or people with power on Easter Island would force moai to walk with their power.

Legend 2: Moai were the deceased but lived in the after life as a moai . They would "misbehave" by leaving there spot but the king would force them back.

Legend 3: Before a person on Easter island died the king would force them into there final position when they died the king turned them into a moai and forced the moai to walk to it's final resting place.

Ahu Akivi

Moai Ground Ahu Akivi

Ahu Akivi is the only Moai burial ground with Moai facing the ocean. Scientists think they are facing the ocean because they were kings and get a ocean view for the rest of their after life.


A fish Petroglyph near the moai ground Ahu Tongariki

This is the only petroglyph of a fish on Easter Island. In every moai ground their are at least 100 petroglyphs. There are a total of 4000 petroglyphs.

Kneeling Moai

This one of three kneeling moai and the only bearded one.

This is the only bearded moai on Easter Island and one of three kneeling moai. Kneeling moai are said to be kings that were forced out of their position as king.

Map of Easter Island

This Image shows all of Easter Islands roads,moai ,petroglyphs, and ruins.

This map shows Easter Islands mountains, volcanoes , and vinapu. Vinapu are ceremonial platforms. A ceremonial platform would be where a king would turn a dead human into a moai. Volcano Tereveka and Puatke are both active volcanoes.Moai are only made out of basalt,obsidian,red scoria, and tuff. Moai were made from 1250 A.D. to 1500 A.D.


This Rongorongo script was found in 1964.


Moai ground Rano

This moai ground is the only one with moai that are not restored.

Flag of Easter Island

Easter Island is a special territory of Chile. If you touch or climb on a moai you will be fined 17000 dollars. If you take chip off the moai you will be 30000 dolllars. If It is bigger than 6 inches in diameter you will be fined 50000 dollars.