2nd Entry-

The Growth of “League of Legends”

For a few years now I am part of a community that is basically all about playing, as well as discussing and watching a videogame called “League of Legends” that experienced a huge growth of interest in the last approximately 2 years. It all started as a small Computer game. About 5 years ago it was played by not more than a few hundreds of people that were just trying to find some interesting new games, but it instantly amazed thousands in just a short period of time. After just one year of being publicly playable for people all around the world, the company that produces the game organized the first official world championship where different teams from all of the 7 continents compete each other in which one is the single best team. This tiny little competition started with about 100 life viewers in 2011 and now, in 2015 to the 5th annual championship, gathered about 90,000 people in the official south-Korean soccer stadium who were willing to pay a lot of money to me closer to their idols on the stage. But not just those thousands of people watched the game, but also millions of people watched the life broadcast in the internet and it was therefore the largest E-Sports event in this branches’ history.

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