Welcome to Vietnam

Why You Would Enjoy Coming to Vietnam

Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia, with China to the north, and Laos to the west.


  • Although Vietnam lies completely in the tropics, the winters can be harsh.
  • The temperatures average 63 degrees in the winter, and 74 in the summer.

Main Attractions

Nha Tang is one of the countries main beach towns, which is more urban than other seaside towns in Vietnam. Another interesting site to visit is the Thien Mu Pagoda. It is the largest pagoda in all of Vietnam, with seven stories.

Why this Country is Interesting

This is one of the most interesting countries in my opinion,  and in general. First of all, they developed a type of warfare known as guerrilla warfare, which helped them keep the United States at bay. Vietnam is also home to the Cao Dai Temple. The Cao Dai is a temple dedicated to all religions, even Catholicism. It is a very diverse place and it wouldn't hurt to pay a visit to the temple.

Main Religion

Buddhism is the countries main religion. However, due to the strict communist policies enacted by Ho Chi Minh, religions of any type were outlawed. Confucianism and Daoism are also practiced in the region. Animism, the belief in everything having a spirit after death, was practiced early in Vietnam's history.


The main language of Vietnam is Vietnamese, with calligraphy similar to Chinese, but unique in its own way. English is on its way to becoming the secondary language of the country. Vietnamese also has many dialects, such as Akha, Arem, Coong, and many others. During the period of time when China ruled over Vietnam, Chinese and its many dialects spread across the country. Also, when they were colonized by France in the 1800's, the French language managed to integrate itself into the Vietnamese culture.

Below is an ancient Vietnamese text.


Vietnamese food is becoming very popular in the United States, so it is quite possible that you have tasted some of their exquisite foods. To the north of Vietnam, their foods are heavily influenced by Chinese culture, with many types of stir-fry and noodles soups. During the period of time when Vietnam was being colonized by France, they started to make sandwiches with French bread. Rice is one of their main exports, with many rice paddies all over the country.


The culture of Vietnam is heavily influenced by other countries, but it is also very culturally diverse. It  was communist for a long time, influenced by the leader Ho Chi Minh and China. This made the United States worried, and thus lead to the Vietnam War. In their ancient history, there were 19 dynasties and four times they were dominated by China. In 1945, the Nguyen dynasty was overthrown, and they became they Republic of Vietnam. A pastime of the country for girls  is known as Ô ân quan, a game similar to mancala. A favorite sport of the country is football, or as we Americans know it, soccer. Below is the national team of Vietnam playing soccer.


The flight to and from Vietnam will cost $1,751.78. You will be staying at the Hanoi Ciao Hotel. The total price of the hotel for your two weeks will be approximately $1,821.58 including room service. The total price for the trip will be $3,573.36. Overall, it will not be an expensive trip to go to Vietnam, so we at Trips To Southeastern Asia would love to have you come to Vietnam. Below are some videos and pictures of  Vietnam's history and lifestyle. Be wary, some of the videos are from the Vietnam War, and they are very graphic.

Above is the imperial family of Vietnam.

  • Above is a picture of the United States bombarding the Vietnamese countryside.
  • Before the picture, there is a link to a video about the communist leader, Ho Chi Minh.


One of the many pastimes of Vietnam include riding elephants. This pastime in particular is enjoyed by children, and it is also a means of transportation in rural areas of the country.

Vietnam also has many trails, one of the most famous trails being the Ho Chi Minh trail. It is the longest trail dating from the Vietnam War era, criss-crossing into to other trails and tunnels. These tunnels were used by the Viet Cong to execute their guerilla warfare tactics. Below is a video describing the tunnels. Many people enjoy trekking the Ho Chi Minh trail and exploring the tunnel, but it becomes very small and cramped as it continues.

Hope You Enjoy Your Trip

Vietnam is a very diverse country with a long history. It is very interesting  and the people have a strong will. They are very kind to tourists and they will be delighted to have you visit their country. You will be flying from Southwestern Airlines in first-class seating on March 19th, and you will return to the United States on April 1st.

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