Painter, Sculptor, Poet, and Architect

Born In Caprese, Italy On March 6,1475. Had no interest in going to school as a child. Became an apprentice by the age of 14 under Ghirlandaio. Attended Humanist academy as a young adult. Was one of the first to establish realistic statues and paintings.

Famous Pieces



Sistine Chapel

Which took him 4 years to paint. After he finished his master piece he was criticized because it was an inappropriate for a holy place. After that he experienced physical strain on his body from laying on his back for so long.    

Michelangelo never married he was devoted to a pious and noble widow named Vittoria Colonna who was the subject to many of his 300 sonnets and Poems. Following a brief illness he die February 18, 1564 just weeks before his 89th birthday.

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