Exploration Preposal

By: Brooke Moody

Most people going to the western hemisphere for gold, riches and more land. Not only will I be looking for that, I am also  going for a different reason. I will find human resources to help me during my expedition and to bring back here and work for King James the First as his slaves. The gold and riches would be split between The King who would get 75% and me who would get 25%.

I will leave from England and go to North America in two years so it will be 1575. My expedition will last three and a half years. I will need about 1,500 dollars so I can recruit 125 men, make two boats, supply food, get tools, and have extra clothes if it's needed. This money will not go to waist because when I come back I will have at least 100 men, both boats, and the tools. All of these things will go to King James the First when I come back.

As you know there are some English people in the Western Hemisphere and there are also some Spanish. You can believe that if you let me go to the Western Hemisphere I will find double maybe even triple the natural rescores because

If I run into Native Peoples such as these I will enslave them. If I run into other explorers I will make them trust us and believe we aren’t looking for the same thing as them even if we are so we are not a threat and if they don’t believe us then I’ll torture or enslave them.

Some of the things I might obstacles I might have to over come and I have a plan for. Having to cross harsh grounds such as mountains and cold rivers. If I have to over come rivers I will try to find a way around them. I will have the shortest and tallest person step in to make a hypothesis if we could survive from drowning  and see if it’s to cold.

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Great job on your presentation

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Nice project. Great pics :)