Catcher in the Rye Reading Log

Julia Lucas

Chapters 1-2

"They kicked me out. I wasn't supposed to come back after Christmas vacation, on account of I was flunking four subjects and not applying myself at all."

Chapters 3-4

"I still say he's a sonuvabitch. He's a conceited sonuvabitch."

This relates back to the theme of community because it shows the lack of community. In communities there is love and respect for the other people involved, but often shown at pency prep there is hate and talking bad about others behind their back. The boys at pency prep say things about each other and that often brings a community down instead of building it up. So far in the novel there is a severe lack of community.

Chapters 5-6

In chapters 5-6 Holden continues to want to be perceived as a CALLOUS individual. He does begin to open up about his life and introduce the reader to a new side of him. He starts to show COMPUNCTION for his younger brother dying even when it was not his fault. Towards the end of chapter 6 Holden shows his ability to become angry and he does not act in an QUIESCENT way. Holden gets into a fight with Stradlater; Holden obviously did not RUMINATE this decision long enough because Holden quickly lost. Oddly enough all Holden cared about finding after the fight was his red hunting hat, it almost seems IRRELEVANT. maybe there is more to the hat then Holden is allowing the reader to believe.

Chapters 7-13

Chapter 7: What is the underlying reason for Holden's sadness in getting gifts?

Chapter 8: Why couldn't Holden tell the woman that he had been expelled? Is he embarrassed?

Chapter 9: How does lying come so easily to Holden? Did he have to lie a lot at home?

Chapter 10: Why does Holden go back and forth with putting himself down and complementing himself?

Chapter 11: Does Holden love Jane or love the idea of her?

Chapter 12: Is Holden jealous of D.B. when Lillian comes to talk with Holden?

Chapter 13: Why did Holden want to just talk with the prostitute and why did not go through with having sex with her?

John Green Video

Point 1: John Green's first point was about Holden's need for innocence and how he chooses to protect it. Holden does not want to go into the adult world, but he begins to see it is inescapable with his grey hair. The red hunting cap is Holden's way of hiding his grey hair and hiding the upcoming fate of adulthood. The red hunting cap is Holden's only protection from the adult world. He wants to cling to every little living part of his innocence no matter what.

Point 2: John Green's second point was about Holden's use of the passive voice throughout the novel. Most English teachers discourage the use of the passive voice because it tends to create a block between the reader and the writer. Holden uses the passive voice to his advantage by distancing himself from the reader. Holden makes it very well known on the first page of the book that he is not going to allow people to know the truth about his life. The use of the passive voice is specifically to make the reader feel as though they never truly know Holden and never will.

Point 3: The last point is about Holden's change. Many people who have read the book believe that Holden never changes and is a static character. John Green disagrees. He believes that in the last line or last chapter Holden changes. Holden begins to understand that life is not innocence and then adulthood but a circle, where they go around and around within adulthood and innocence.

Chapters  14-17

Chapter 14- What was the reason that Holden refused to pay the pimp?

Chapter 15- why did Holden feel the need to call Sally and go on a date with her?

Chapter 16- why does Holden continue to bring his family into the conversation when he said in the beginning of the book he wasn't going to?

Chapter 17- Why does Holden continually use he word depressed or depressing as a description?