All My Poems
By Jordan



Strong mighty

punching fighting swinging

running jumping climbing

armored ready


2. Limerick

Grandpa awoke up with a croak in his thought so he took a boat to a goat that flaots the goat said to where a coat then there was a fly he said good bye.

3.  Acrostic

Just let me pay

Organized ...not so much


Devours donuts


Not crazy

4. Haiku

Casey cheese free yes.

He likes books and play.

Roxie crying no.

5. the Important thing

The important thing is a peace of string

It is white.

You can Tye stuff with it.

You can use it as a zip line.

Weave with it.

Can sow with it.

You can Tye knots.

But the most important thing is that it is white.

Thanks for watching bye!!!!!!

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