Math III Section 4.6 #29 and #31

J. Jackson

Problem #29


Step 2: Change the Signs!

Step 3: Identify the Number of Sign Changes

Problem 5: According to Descartes's Rule of Signs, Identify how many negative real roots there are.

Step 6: Graph the orginal equation to find the negative real roots.

The graph shows that the equation contains only one real negative root at (-1, 0). The only real negative root is -1.

Problem #31

Step 1: Create a Brace Map

Step 2: Identify the Formula and Substitute the Correct Values

Step 3: Graph to Solve

Although there are two x-intercepts, one is a negative and cannot be used to solve the equation. The other x-intercept, located at (5,0) can be used to solve the equation.

Step 5: Substitute the number found by graphing to solve.

The dimensions of the garden are the height=5, the smaller base=10, and the larger base=14