GS Shop Ordering

Hello All as I mentioned before if anyone plans to pay cash or check for their Scout stuff please order through me so we can help use up a $300 gift card to the GS store. I will buy whatever you ask for & then bring you the receipt to collect cash/check. I've included the link to the Girl Scout Shop. I'm expecting the gift card today & will hopefully get to the store on Friday or the beginning of next week. We can pass off the stuff discretely as well if you would like to make any of it a gift for the upcoming Holidays.

While girls look Great in the entire uniform we ask that all girls get at least the Apron, Vest or Sash. Additionally, initially they should have on them the starter patches which include the American Flag $2, Council Patches $5 & Troop Number $4.50. Also the insignia tag $2.50 & the world insignia pin $2.25. Please fill out the order form below to place an order. There is a size chart in the catalog if you are unsure of what size to order & then there are just fun things like headbands & jewelry etc.