And Then There Were None
By:Agatha Christie

1. Throughout this book you will learn about what it is like to go to a remote island, named Indian Island, with several other guests and not know that the person sitting next to you could be your killer.

2. While reading and imagining this book you will become best friends with trust and sacrifice.

3. Several different characters were murdered, by somebody that was in the house maybe as another guest. The killer was not mentioned directly, that is why this book is one of a few best selling mystery books of all time.

4. In the first part of the book you will learn about the poem/nursery rhyme Ten little Indians, which seems to be the main bases to the entire book. The last verse states and then there were none. Which gives you a little idea.

5. And Then There Were None is a wrenching mystery murder that some stated they cannot stop reading.

The judge Lawrence Wargrave seemed very suspicious since the very beginning of the book. When he started accusing Mr. Blore and Dr. Armstrong of the various things that acurred at the house.

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