WHAT IF you needed to move some water from the inside of your sailing ship(did I tell you, you're also a pirate? Well, you are.) because it's starting to smell down there in the hold where there's always bilge water, the wood is definitely beginning to rot, and your pirate crew is starting to complain. So, you need to move this water.  How can you get the water out of the hold, without a pirate mutiny caused by bailing water one bucket at a time?   

The answer to your problem is this thingy, an Archimedes Screw!

The Archimedes screw was a revolutionary invention made in the time of the Greek empire by a man named Archimedes hence the name the Archimedes Screw.

This video explains how the Archimedes screw works and what it is used for.

It takes an extraordinarily small amount of effort to turn the  screw and move a lot of water quickly.  If you tried to carry water with a bucket, it would take a lot of time and lots of muscle. 

Even little kids can apply the effort necessary to move the water in this Archimedes screw.  This must have been an incredible invention at the time of Archimedes; he must have been a genius!

By the way, your bilge water is gone and you can return to your pirate business.  ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!