How to check and destroy termites in Singapore

I really hate termites in Singapore-

. They often eat home wood products are not left, leaving only a framework, in case of vibration, the wood will be scrapped. They can bite, and sometimes my friends to the house a guest, and will find a lot more red spots in the morning, although does not have a virus, but can cause itching and erythema. So I found some biologists, ask them to teach me how to find and destroy termites.

1. Check the wood products

Before destroy termites in Singapore, we have to find their nests. Some abnormal raised mound and sawdust piles are likely is termite nests, are you going to use the fire roasted, the termites out or the soil buried the termites. Check the home, want to use a flashlight and wrench, banging on the perimeter of the wood, wood if a hollow voice, that is etched away termites. The floor also is same, if you walk to find a hollow voice, you need to change your floor.

2. Frozen or insolate wood products

If you appear very quiet room of noise while you eat, so it must be termites in Singapore in eating at home wood products. At this time to take wood to sun exposure or get the freezer termites froze to death.But the big wood is not the utility, and exposure to last for two to three weeks, freezing need to minus 30 degrees Celsius freezing can have effect for two weeks.

3. The use of drugs

You can go to the store to buy out the ant drugs, where do you think of termites may exist the spraying. Some of the woodwork and cracks may be termites in Singapore hiding place, can't miss. But some termite resistant to chemicals, it is not strong drugs are difficult to kill them. The medicine is too strong pesticides will pollute the environment.

4. Termite trap

Termites eat cellulose you like, you can use wet cardboard, lure termites eat up. Then put termites with cardboard safe place burned.This method is the most safe, but it is only a small fraction of termites.

5. Worms destroy ant

To the pharmacy to buy nematodes, on termite nests, let the nematodes parasitic on termite larvae, prevent termites grow up for adult. Note worm will be killed by the ultraviolet ray. So to avoid ultraviolet irradiation.

6. Extermination company

The best way is to hire extermination company approved to help you. They have professional extermination services that will use professional tools help you approved, will teach you how to prevent termites invaded your home again in Singapore. You can ask them to develop a plan of pesticides, the timing of termites to your home to view the situation.

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