All About Evan

By Rex And Evan


     I like to play soccer, and my favorite position is being a fielder.  But I don't play on a real Soccer team.  My favorite brand of food is Hamburger Helper, and my favorite Hamburger Helper dish is hamburger.  My favorite video game is Terraria I have the game and watch people play it.

My Favorite Places to go:

     My 1st favorite place to go is the Bahamas.  My 2nd favorite place is Game Stop.  My 3rd favorite place is Target.  My 4th is Amazing Play.  My 5th is Walmart.

My Family:

     My brothers name is Eric, my sisters name is Alondra, my moms name is April, and my dads name is Edger and my dogs name is Sammie,  and my cats name is Roxy.

My Friends:

     My best friends are Rex, William, Camyne, Hays, Gage, and Hoyt.

                                             And that's all about Me.

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