As time goes on people seem to find ways to live longer and make more progress.

Brooke Anderson, Paige Lawson, Kelsey Cox & Emma Post

1. Increase in Medicine

Emergency situations

-Quick response to accidents via emergency calls and vehicles

-Methods for  helping injured

              -Stopping blood-loss

              -Healing broken bones


Diseases have decreased

Vaccines include:



                        -Measles and Mumps

                        -Hepatitis A & B

Allow diseases to be stopped before they spread

Professionals help increase life span

-Scientists have learned the cause of diseases and are able to stop and treat them before they spread

-Doctors and nurses are able to detect illness, understand symptoms and provide correct treatment

This image shows an old method of fresh air treatment for tuberculosis.

2. Better Hygiene

Waste systems advanced for clean water and land

              -Place for garbage

             -Advanced sewer system

Dental care was created

                  -tooth paste, tooth brush, check-ups, & floss





Baths and showers

-Are taken regularly instead of once a year

                  -Helped keep people bodies clean

                  -Prevent illness and spread of disease

Used to be used to wash hands or face.

3. Quick Communication

There are new ways of communication

-They have created better, smarter, faster phones



-Helps in emergency situations

-Communication between countries is increased


                 -Can be used in schools and jobs

                                -Easy to send emails

                                              -Instant response

-Quick information

-iPhones are used by people around the world.

8. Less Unemployment

-People can find jobs that fit their personality

          -More productivity in workplace

-Less homelessness

-Decrease in poverty

-Stable families

       -Less abandonment of wives and children

4. New Inventions

-There are newer inventions of technology

          -Cell phones



-Transportation inventions make it easier to travel.





-Help Security

        -Lock doors


-In schools



Inventions help students learn.

5. Improved Education

Schools were built for children to go and learn new things

Colleges were set up

         -Becoming more often for people to attend and receive higher            degrees

         -Scholarships allow people to rise from poverty

Education is equal for all


Creates better job opportunities

          -Increased income

Standards that make sure all schools teach equal information

Graph showing the rate of students getting higher education is increasing.

6. Safer Societies

The police population has increased

-There isn’t as much danger

-Better security

-Decrease in hate crimes

-Fair courts and punishment

7. Variety of Religions

-Allowed to have unique beliefs

          -Follow and keep culture

-Can come together with people they agree with and share the same thought pro

9. Trade Between Countries

-Increase in resources

-Helps economy

       -Saves money

-Quick trade and transportation


-Communication gets easier

             -Emailing, calling, texting

             -Don’t have to travel long distances to deliver a message

-Have the invention of a phone

         -Don’t have to send someone a telegram like in the 1800’s

                   -Don't have to relay on others

-Did not have computers, people had to send letters.

-Instant delivery and response

-Can call each other from long or short distances

-Used to have to use a quill feather that had to be cut in order to sharpen it

3-D printers are now available for use.

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