The New South

By: Shamaryee Dalton

Bourbon Triumvirate

After Reconstruction , Democrats known as the Bourbon Triumvirate who included Joshep Brown , Alfred H.colquitt , and John B . Gordon rose to power in the south .

They were given this collective name mainly because they were drawn together by power and political goals .

They thought that the south needed to rely on agriculture and have more industry in order to have economic growth and believed in lowering taxes.

They described the Redemption Period as keeping old Southern traditions while building new industries .

Joseph E. Brown

The first member of the Bourbon Triumvirate .

During the Civil War , Brown often resisted Jefferson Davis war policies because he felt they were violated states rights .

Eventually he served GA as a US senator from 1880-1891

John B. Gordon

The second member of the Bourbon Triumvirate .

Fought in the Confederate Army and later becames leader of the KKK in GA.

In 1886 , he won the first of two terms as GA's govener .

Returned to the US senate later , but remained amid accusations of serving for self-again .

Alfred H. Colquitt

Third of the Bourbon Triumvirate

Educated as princeton University

Was a slave owner before the cival war and served in the Confederate army .

Lost his bid for govener in 1857 , but was elected and served as the states firstDemocratic govener after reconstruction from 1877 - 1882 .

1833 , Colquitt was elected to the US senate where he served until he died in 1894 .

Positives Of Bourbon Triumvirate

* Grow middle class

* Lowering taxes

Negatives of Bourbon Triumvirate

* White supremacy

* Convict Lease System