Marshall Islands

By: Edwin Gonazlez and Jade Velasquez

Politics of Today

  • The government in the Marshall Islands is a great Democratic Republic. Seems like a chill place, visit it sometime.
  • The head of state is president Christoper Jorebon Loeak. He is a great state president.

Brief History

    Some brief history about the Marshall Islands is that on the island "Bikini Atoll" the U.S tested out our nuclear weapons! They also changed their official name in 1982 to the "Republic of the Marshall Islands."


          • Their currency is the same as the U.S. So you don't have to worry about changing your current money to anything else!
          • The GDP is $180 million, they export fish, coconut oil, and copra cake (which is made with dried coconut meat, if you were curious.)
          • They import foods, machinery, equipment, fuels, beverages, and tobacco, also they trade with the United States, Japan, and Australia.


            The environment in the Marshall Islands is very tropical and warm. They have beautiful beaches you can visit. The water is at around 28-29 Degrees Celsius, so its pretty comfortable, not too cold but not warm either.


                • There are fun sports that kids can enjoy when you visit like, taekwondo, weightlifting, basketball, swimming, and baseball!!
                • The people of this country use their spare time to fish and spend time on the beach so if your having a craving of fish you could go out there and fish all you want.


                      Non-public schools have an education budget of $9,000,000, the student-teacher ratio is 17-1. Public education has 75 public schools, they have a 16-1 student-teacher ratio so your children have a good chance of learning.

                        Cultural Traditions

                        Some of the cultural traditions are wearing costumes and they still have clans. Each clan owns a part of land. All the people there are very happy and peaceful.

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