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The greatest accomplishments of a gold and memorable civilization, Kush.

(1600-1100 B.C.E)

Next to Egypt, Kush was the greatest civilization in Africa. Like its neighbor to the north, Kush grew up around the fertile banks of the Nile river. Kush was known for its rich gold mines. In fact, another word for Kush is Nubia, that means gold.

(730-650 B.C. E.)

After the collapse o the New Kingdom, Egypt fell into political chaos. At least 10 Egyptian kingdoms fought each other for power. The constant fighting made Egypt weak and unstable. In the mid 700s B.C.E., Kush took advantage of Egypt's weakness. Kushite armies invaded Egypt. In about 730 B.C.E., the kings in northern Egypt surrendered to Kush's King Piye.

(590-410 B.C.E.)

The Assyrians had triumphed over the Kushites in Egypt because of their superior knowledge of iron technology. The Kushites were determined to equal the Assyrians. Meroe had everything to produce iron. It had a rich supply of iron deposits. It also had plenty of forests, which provided the wood needed to make charcoal. The charcoal was used to heat the iron deposits. Once the hot iron separated from the rock, it was cooled in the Nile's water.

(300’s B.C.C-350 C.E)

After splitting away from Egypt, Kush returned to it's African roots. Artwork, clothing, and buildings no longer imitated Egyptian styles. Kushites workshiped an African lion-god instead of Egyptian gods. They wrote and spoke a native language, called Meroitic, which had it's own alphabet. Kush art and architecture flourished. Artisans made beatiful.

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