Agnes Lebovics

By: Tyneshia Nelson

The Holocaust had  many victims, and sadly, she was one of them


- Agnes Lebovics was born April 13, 1939 in Chust, Czechoslovakia. Her parents were Mor and Marketa Lebovics.

- Agnes was five years old when she was killed at the Auschwitz concentration camp. Today she would be seventy-four years old.

- Agnes was from a wealthy family. Her father was a wealthy livestock owner, as well as his family members. Their family business was in dealing livestock. Her mother also came from a wealthy family, as her father owned a flourishing print shop.

- SADLY, DURING THE HOLOCAUST, AGNES WAS ONE OF THE MILLIONS OF JEWS MURDERED. Agnes, her sister, grandmother, and great-grandmother died on May 23 1944.

     I feel that people have learned that the world can be a very cold, brutal , and just harsh place after the Holocaust. Millions of lives were taken because they were of a different race. No one deserves to loose their life because someone has things about a specific type of people that they do not like. So, personally to me I think that people should have learned from all of the events that took  millions of innocent lives that a life is to precious and valuable to loose over non-sense, and if you can't give a life don't take one.


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