Immune system

The immune system fights off diseases

It is important because it keeps us healthy

Respiratory system

This system helps you breathe and it helps oxygenate blood

it is important because you need to breath to live

Digestive system

It breaks down food and nutrients and gets rid of waste

it is important because people need food and nutrients to survive

Nervous system

it sends messages throughout the body to the brain

it it important because the your body would not be able to communicate and work together

Skeletal System

provides structure and support for the body protection and allows movement

without it you wold be like a jellyfish


it is a way of releasing waste

without it you would hold in to much waste and would probably kill you


allows you to move gives us the posture we have


removes waste from the body

you would literally explode without it


glands that produce hormones that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood it is important because without it moods would be uncontrollable and you would not be able to reproduce

They work together by the systems communicating through messages send throughout the body to the brain which then sends a message through to others to help or make the body stop if the did not work like this you coukld not survive