At school I am well behaved. Some times I get in trouble by saying or being in the wrong spot. But other than that I present myself as someone bad guy but until you get to know me. I am nice someone to talk to when you are feeling down, so ive been told. I portray myself like that because the clothing i wear. Nick liam and i have our own grade six fan club. That is how i portray myself

Many people see school as getting good marks. But i see it as creating a personality if you have bad personality no one will be your friend. If your personality is nice everyone will want to be your friend. In my opinion school is about getting good marks. School is your future. If you do well in school your life will be good. If i could have a different ego it would be to go the extra mile. I aim for the 70-80, even when it isn't that much of a leap for the 80-100. If you are smart then people see you         

School isn't about socializing its about getting a good grade. Although it is okay to socialize, its better to get good grades. Even though said its good to wish as you to be seen as. Say i dress like i dont care, people would be scared and wont be your friend. But if you dress to impress everyone will think of you in a good way. People do see me as i wish to be seen. I wish to be seen as a kid who is nice, respectful and isn't rude and funny. Its also good to talk to all grades.      

People on all social medias are totally different. Very from tweets , photos and videos they post. Some people on IG have over millions of followers. Some with twitter  as well as vine. My IG has 566 followers. Im also following 288 people. On IG i am very nice to people and people are nice back. I usually post pictures of me. I also post pics with friends all of the time. I always post positive pictures. My legacy on the digital footprint is im very kind to people and you need to treat people the way you want to be treated.      

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