By Victoria Skinner

I think machines are the one word that describes everything in the Industrial Revolution. They were created when a man named Samuel Slater memorized what he saw in a British Factory and brought their technology here to the United States. He created the first machine in 1803. Which led to so many machines that were created after that. Some were for factories and others were for homes. The mills held a lot of machines used for making clothes and other things. Lots of people worked in these mills for very low pay and very hard labor. Kids even worked in these mills and were used for doing things the adults weren't able to do. Many people came from farms and had to work in the mills to support themselves and/or their families. Machines were created to make life simpler and easier. One example is the washing machine. It was used to wash people clothes easier and less difficult. Another example is the telephone used for making it easier to talk to people. Machines helped America to where it is today. Without machines we would not be so as advanced as we are today. This is why I think that machines are the one word that describe everything int the Industrial Revolution.

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