immune system

Kalen Luecke

There are lots of jobs that the immune system does but one of its major functions is to fight off viruses. Think of the immune system as a little city.

The immune system is made of cells, tissues, and organs that help to fight off the viruses of  the human body.Leukocytes,also know as white blood cells, are part of the defense of the immune system.The main job of the immune system is to keep the organism healthy. The immune system is made of many cells. Some of the most important cells are the T and B lymphocytes. Lymphocytes start at the bone marrow.

They separate and either become the B call Or the T cell. The B cells find the issue and are the brains of the operation. They are kind of wimpy. The T cells are the fighter cells that defend the body. They are like the bodybuilders . They do all the hard work. the B cells find the bad guys also known as the antigens. These are like the criminals. They can be bacteria, pathogens, viruses, microbes, etc. The b cells are the brain and they are kind of like the CIA. They detect the disease and try to get rid of it that is why when people get chicken pox they can only get it once.

When we talk about the immune system there are three types of the immune system. There is the Innate,Passive,and Adaptive. The innate system is like the perfect people who were born with everything. They have natural immunity. They are external defence of the system. like when you get a cut it is the first thing that attacks all the incoming germs from the body.

The adaptive system job is to adapt to the new viruses that are around. They are like the people who are constantly moving and that have to adjust to new environments and places all the time.

The passive system is the immunity that is contained from another source. These would be the people who just go with the flow.

                                                         Defects of the Immune System

There are many things like Lupus (muscle and joint pain), Asthma (respiratory problem making it hard to breathe caused by pollens, makes tubes for breathing narrow or  swollen), eczema (it happens to kids, teens, and adults who have allergies like, hay fever or allergic reactions with medicines).

Also there is cancer of the immune system that is Leukemia. This is where your leukocytes grow either too fast or too slow.


  • Pediatrician (helps kids and young adults to get the good foods and vitamins that they need).
  • Nephrologist (kidney specialists)

To keep your immune system healthy you can eat fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water.

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