Best team in the world

F.C Barcelona is the best team in the world for many reasons. It has the best players in the world  one of the best goalie keepers, it has a lot of people who like Barcelona. Barcelona has a great history. I like it because of the players it's goalies

One of my favorite sports is tennis I like to play it see it, I like all tennis aspects. My favorite tennis player is Roger Federer, I know he is getting a little old now, but for me Roger Federer is and will be the best tennis player in the world. Roger Federer doesn't have any kind of backhand. He has a one hand back hand, that means that when they give him a hit for a back hand he does it with one. He has a excellent serve and also his forehand.

My favorite school subject is math. As you know your using math every day. It can be adding money or doing expressions your doing math every day minute or hour. If you want to be a successful person you need to be a good mathematics person. Even a doctor uses math, because he needs to do math to measure the medicine he will give to his patients.

Rugby! Oh Rugby! Don't you think it's wonderful? One of my favorite sports is Rugby. If your one of the persons who like adrenaline you should watch or play Rugby. Rugby has adrenaline, it's also a little rough, and very very interesting. One of my favorite parts are when you make a try, and do the penalty for additional points, and also the scram because a lot of people are tackling for their team to get the ball, you should try to play rugby it's a wonderful sport.

Every Sunday my family and I spend a great time together, and we have a familiar time. In the morning we all go eat breakfast and after we go again to bed to watch tv together. What were doing there is waiting for lunch time comes and we all interact together. So at lunch time we all prepare food, my dad and I cook the meat, my brother and sister prepare the table, and my mom prepares the salad. When were done cooking we go all to the table and eat. After were done eating we stay a little longer to talk a little, then afterwards we clean the material, we get dressed, and go to the pool. After a while we change and we go to the movies together, so that means we all get to choose for a movie we all like. After the movies we go home and we shower, then prepare the food eat and then brush our teeth, finally we go to sleep.

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