Why CVS wants to stop the sell of cigarettes?
Daniel Benitez

Summary: Basically CVS is trying to be a healthy pharmacy. They intend to do this by not selling cigarettes anymore. Many angry smokers are saying that if CVS wants to be healthy then stop selling unhealthy food products.

Structural Function is shown here by telling us what the purpose is. The purpose is stopping the sell of tobacco because it causes lung cancer. The purpose at first was mainly to stop people from starting to smoke and get people who were smoking to stop. Honestly this is not a theory of social darwinisim because people are not trying to survive. They are technically killing themselves.

The Social Conflict here is showed to us by explaining the reason we need to change. The most important reason for people to stop smoking is because it gives you lung cancer and also cause the teeth to become yellow. This is why we need change. Not only do you suffer from bad breath if you are a hardcore smoker you also have the smell on your fingers. This is a conflict perspective because have to change their habits.

The symbolic interaction is shown here by the individuals who smoke going against CVS and stating that if they were truly trying to benefit our society by being healthy then they should also banned the sell of junk food and other unhealthy products. Many of the people that used to shop at CVS claim that they will not be shopping at cvs anymore, CVS says that they want to become healthy and sell green and fruits. The people against this say that CVS will eventually go out of business because they wont sell as much. Most smokers say we base our facts from theoritical perspectives. i agree that this is dysfunctional because people are killing themselves and they do not really know. The Cigarette is a symbol of death.

Lungs made of Cigarettes

Personally i think smoking cigarettes is bad. I do agree people become depressed and start doing some dumb things but there are other alternatives than smoking. Instead of smoking Cigarettes they can drink alcohol which would damage your liver but it would take more time to damage your liver than your lungs. You can also go ask for help to stop smoking cigarettes. You don't have to fall into an alternative drug, a healthy idea might be to go out and hang out with friends and family.

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