Letter Home

Dear family back on mars,

            I have landed on earth. I'm freezing the tempurature has to be -10 degrees. I don't think I'll be home anytime soon. The gas is frozen I can't risk contact with the locals. Remember all the other missions.  

My ship has crashed into a thing the breifing calls water. I remeber when our planet had but it is hard to remeber the drought. There are alot of animals that the people hunt. I've been nearly shot twice. I hope you can send the camoflauge transducer. I can't get more information till then. A few things I have learned though are that these big animals called bears have fur to stay warm.

This is were I'll be hiding till then. I'm in the middle of what people call Alaska. It is very icy and cold. I also need provisions I'm on the brink of starvation. I'm keeping up my body heat by making a fire. Also I'm keeping me from starving by eating a cow named Wonder. I'll be home soon take care of Gornak the third.


Metal Head

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