Musical Arts

By: Ryan Slaughter

Description of career: Someone in this career would travel around the country/world for performances and concerts. Its a good job for sight seeing and meeting new people.

What type of skills would you need to do well in this career?                                                       You would need to be able to play a musical instrument and be good at it.

How are these particular skills required?                                                                                          Playing a instrument well is required to do well in this type of career.

Educational Requirements

For some educational requirements collages such as Julliard are a great place to do well in this career and military bands are also a great place for this career.  

You can study this career for however long you want.

For a military collage you need to enroll for the military and audition for the band.


when benefits and housing allowances are factored in, amounts to around $56,000 — with built-in annual raises.

After 20 years of service the average navy band member will have earned about $1120000.

Its not hard to enroll in the military just see a recruiting officer or an online recruiting course but to make it to the band you have to be a very talented musician.


  • Advanced pay grade upon entry
  • Full medical and dental coverage for you and your family
  • Allowances for housing , food, and clothing
  • 30 days paid vacation
  • Eligible for Post 9-11 GI Bill for continuing your education
  • Tuition assistance for courses you take while on active duty
  • Opportunities for continued professional development
  • Seasonal enlistment bonuses
  • Professional instruments and equipment
  • The ability to earn a steady pay check as a performing musician

Similar Careers

some similar careers include any branch of military band or just military or programs like Houston orchestra.

Why i picked this career

This career stood out to me because I have always wanted to be in the military and I enjoy music very much.

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