Senior year 2K15

Hello my name is Jonathan, I'm a senior at south. I spend most of my days hanging out with my friends and if I'm not with them in on YouTube and social network sites. im not too sure about my plans after high school but i do know i plan move forward with life and not stay home. I've had photo design before and its always been a fun class. I hope to master the program this year which shouldn't be hard with a great teacher like miss Banda.

The squad and i hanging out over summer in photo i edited.
More photo editing :P


9/01/14: What has been the most eventful day for you, since school has started? Why? (Minimum of 5 sentences)

My most memorable moment so far in this school year , minding you its only been 2 weeks, is that my dog Nikki had puppies. She had 12 grey blue nose pit bulls. They are all so friendly but there is one runt. Besides him the rest are huge and very healthy!

9/18/14: Describe two designs that can be completed using the pen tool. Think about some of the recent projects we worked on, utilizing the pen tool."

1. one thing you could use is lava in a pool.

2.another thing you could use is a fish tank in a wall.

9/22/14: Take your neighbors Kahoot quiz over the pen tool and critique it. Minimum of 5 sentences


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