My Journey Hunting and Fishing

My hunting and fishing experiences

My hunting and hunting experience these following years with my dad and brother. Doing what we do best. We went Hunting mule deer, hunting white wings and fishing for trout. Theses pictures are mostly before 2013 and kinda sum up my hunting and fishing for those few years. Doing two of my favorite hobbies from my child hood.


March of 2011  bobcat hunting on my ranch near Elsa, with my brother, dad and friends. Where i killed my bobcat hunting close to dark in march. Also hunting nilgai with my brother in law, which was 600 LBs. Both photos were taken on my ranch, one next to my trailer and the other in the woods. This was long month of hunting, but was way worth it.


How i spent my spring break. Went to the Rio grand valley Live Stock show with my friends and family, and watch the ranch rodeo. It was fun watching them rope the cows and steers. It was also fun watching the bull riding and bronc riding. I had a blast riding the rides  and eating their good food.


Preparing for next years basketball season, I have been working out and getting stronger in the weight room. Also have been practicing my shooting and ball handling, so I can be the best I can be next year. My team and I have been playing together to become better as a team and be the best we can be. We have all been trying to get stronger and faster. If we keep this up it will be a great next year.


Mr. tyer is my favorite teach here at south, because he is so willing and tries to help. for example he stays after school everyday to help the students. To help them get their grades up and do better. He is here for the students and wants them to be successful. Also he always gives every student a chance at a rest to help them get a better grade. Which i think is very help full and why he is my favorite teacher.


characteristics i value about my teachers is handwork, cares about my grade and learning and is there for the students. my favorite teacher is my tyer, who teaches math. He is a great teacher and wants to help and do the best at teaching he can. He also stays after school to help students study and do better. That is why he is my favorite teacher.


4/8/12 fishing trip


My experiences of the past Friday,Last Friday i did not come to school, i didn't come, because i was helping get ready for my sisters wedding. Her wedding was on Saturday but i skipped school to help and get ready for it. I spent the whole day getting the house ready and preparing everything for the wedding. it was a full day of hard work. I was lucky i was not at school for the black out.


What are my plans after i graduate highschool? I plan on going to college, to texas A&M. hopefully which i will be accept to with my top 10% of highschool. I am hoping to study bussiness in college. That is my plan after i graduate highschool from harlingen south.

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