By: Erin Bowman

This quote from the novel "Taken" by Erin Bowman about how Gray is so attached to his brother Blaine that after he is heisted at the age of 18, Gray has only truly had his brother growing up as his mother died of a disease and his father had been heisted after mating with his mother. This relationship leads to the conflict as Gray finds a note that his mother wrote saying that she loves both of her children and in the last sentence starts saying Gray must never know that.... and it ends. This letter creates problems as it is not finished and there is no way for him to get answers.  

Gray searches everywhere for answers but, continues to come up dry that is until he is slated to Emma. Slatings are a way so before the men are heisted the population can continue to grow. Gray learns there may be answers in the hospital records about what him and Blaine might be. So determined for answers at first he finds nothing until he final has the chance to look at more private notes and learns that him and Blaine are in fact twins...... This only creates more questions for Blaine until the day he jumps the wall an Emma follows.

Gray makes many discoveries after going over the wall as he comes to a place called Taem. Taem is a more modern version of where he and Emma came from (Claysoot) he only hopes here there may be some answers that can not only help him but also help his people from the heist. He comes to a man named Frank he seems to hold all these answers on why his people are in this dome type thing and why they are being heisted. This only creates more problems for Gray as Frank says that the only man who can help is people is Harvey. He learns of many things while in Taem on of the fact is his brother is alive, Frank has not been telling him the truth. He eventually finds a way out of Taem but, this deceit has only lead to more questions.

Gray will only find the answers he seeks by finding the only person he knows who to look for Harvey. This helps to characterize Gray as he only wants answers for the better of his people and himself he is there only chance. Gray eventually finds these answers at a price.... as his brother is hurt, his father has been found but, will all be for nothing as he is brought before the rebels and they cant take any chances at being compromised will he live or die.

Gray has finally found the answers he has always wanted to know and of the true motives of Frank to create perfect soldiers from the people in the domes as there are 3 of them. Each with its own type of heist but two had died out by conditions unseen or so thought. Gray is lead through a chance to find the man who is truly responsible as he joins the rebels only he dose not get the chance when he has to protect the people he cares about to get a cure to prevent any harm but, at what cost. The rebels lose men , Harvey is killed , and the man responsible Frank is still alive that is until the true plan is hatched after finding televisions screens on each dome there may be a way to get Frank and help more people then just Claysoot.

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