The Dominican Roller Brush & Glow Natural Technique

Sunday September   1,  2013  London International Barber & Beauty Academy!!!!!!!!!!! 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

What is this event?

This is a hands on class teaching the dominican roller brush techiniqic along with the new glow natural  amino acid liquid hair product which is the best is the world.

Get in, get here.

8 CEU HOURS WILL BE PROVIDED  for  $ 100.00  and $50.00 will go towards the purchase of glow natural products and new titanium and nylon  heated  brushes.

A little history.

The roller brush techiniqic is one of the most amazing techiniqics in the world it allows the hair to be silky and shine for days giving hair that natural look.

Glow Natural is a amino acid which is an all natural product that is a keratin,protein blend treatment which has  no chemicals.

Daniela  Gonzalez is  an excellent master stylist in her craft that will be preforming some of the most amazing techiniqics  using the roller brush ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE CONTACT  JONAS WILLIAMS @ 336-609-0663 or DR BETTY FRANKS @ 919-247-9493

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