Living life as Nancy

I was born in the Community Hospital of San Bernardino on July 2nd 1997.  

                    Who Is Nancy ?

Hello my name is Nancy Garcia Espinoza. I am 17 years old in the 11th grade going on to 12th grade! I go to San Andreas high school. Daughter of Evangelina and Humberto Garcia , little sister of five brothers and auntie of fourteen kids. Born and raised in San Bernardino CA.

As much as I get told New York city is a ugly place to live in it has always been my dream to live out there I believe it's beautiful and I would like to experience living there. I've heard there is always something to do, streets are usually busy and crowded.


Solving crime scenes

In a couple years from now I will work my way up to criminal justice. Growing up in dangerous streets gave me the intensity to work in helping people. Our new generation now has really given me a reason to want to fix and punish people for their mistakes most importantly to make our environment a better place to live in.

If I were to be interested into having a family I would love to have a son and a daughter no more than two well counting a pet would be 3 kids. I chose my brothers family because they seem to be very close , show unconditionally love towards each other , care and communicate from one another. My goal is to be as strong as my brothers family.


I have passion for arts & crafts such as diy's creating something new out of old objects or clothes around the house and playing softball helps me release stress just makes me happy.