Make your home in the Southern Colonies

New life starts here, in the Southern Colonies!

Now we know your profit isn't looking so hot. So move here! There is plenty of job opportunities to pay for anything you need. Moving here will keep you and your family happy!

The colonies feature Georgia, South and North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland.

If you move here you can grow crops almost all year round. The southern colonies have the longest growing season! So dont worry about the long winter killing your crops. The southern colonies has a very short winter. So longer growing season and more profit.


The soil here is so rich! You can grow things like cotton, tobacco and rice! You'll be sure to sell tons of your crops if you move here!


Here we you can get profit from timber, cotton, rice, tobacco, naval supplies. These items are always being used by other so they're always in need. Move here and you'll be sure to make a great profit.

New life starts here, in the Southern Colonies!

These are the cash crop colonies. Dont worry about not having enough food or coming home to a hungry, angry family. If you move here, you'll make plenty of money to feed your family and have more then enough food left. You'll be sure to keep a roof over your head and love where you live. So move to the Souther colonies today!

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