Methods of expansion

There are several methods of expansion such as merger, takeover, organic growth and franchising.


A merger is when two company's come as one to become a successful business there are advantages and disadvantages some advantages are there are more customers as they are from both of the old business also if you have more customers you have more money coming into the business.  There are also disadvantages such as jobs are likely to be lost if people are losing jobs than the families will be in trouble.

Organic growth

Organic growth is when a business naturally grows without any help from anybody there are also advantages the advantages of organic growth is there are no bad points about letting the business  grow another advantage is that all of the money goes to you. There are no disadvantages to discuss about organic growth.


franchising is when someone grants the right to use products there are also advantages to franchising you have on going support also you are financially rewarded but there is also disadvantages such as around 500,000 to set up have to work for 20 years