Nick Olson Career Report

Job Duties

Take X-Rays, CT scans, MRIs, and ultrasounds.

Analyze the photos and interpret them to medical doctors.

Diagnose patients with bone fractures, dislocations, etc.

Education Required

To become a radiologist typically you need to get a bachelor's in premed. After that you need to go to Medical School. You can advance by taking more classes throughout your career.


You need to be able to communicate to patients to tell them how to position themselves for the picture. You need to be able to make decisions about what the next step should be for doctors. You need to be able to read reports that doctors write.


Annually in Minnesota a radiologist makes $225,000 a year. This is around $108 an hour. This is above the national average of $180,000 a year.


One of the best advantages of being a radiologist is the amount you are paid. It is in the medical field, but the pressure isn't as high as some other medical careers. You can employ your own assistants.


One of the hardest parts about being a radiologist is the process of getting there and through medical school. You also have to be exposed to large amounts of radiation. The competition is also hard to become one.

Career Outlook

It is projected to grow by 15-21%. This is not too fast, but it is faster than average. It is estimated to have 152,600 job openings by 2022.

Advancement Opportunities

You can always take more classes to get a better understanding of your practice. This may lead to a higher pay depending on the company you work for. Extra education will also lead to fewer mistakes which will benefit other people's lives.

High School Prep Courses

At Mankato East we have many health related classes that prepare you for a medical career. First, you must take an Intro to Health Occupations class. After that, you can take CNA, Biomedical Lab, or Disease and Disorder.

Related Careers

Directly related to this career is a radiologic technician, which would be an assistant to the radiologist. There are physicians who work directly with the radiologist. Also, surgeons are closely related to radiologists and deal with some of the tasks radiologists do.

Colleges that offer this program

Most schools offer a program to get students into medical school. We will pinpoint on the U of M Twin Cities medical school. This is the largest college in Minnesota and has a diverse amount of majors. It's medical school is nationally renowned due to it's affiliation with the medical center in Rochester.

Open Position

There is a job opening in Minneapolis to be a radiologist. The start date could be as early as March, 17. You would have a varied schedule for shifts


I think I would really like this job. I think I would be good at it because I m good with sciences that are involved with radiology. The only thing I believe that is bad about this job is the amount of schooling necessary to become one.


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