Eve Merriam

By: Janir Garcia

Eve Merriam was born in January, 19, 1916 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She died in April , 11, 1992 of cancer

Eve Merriam went to school at Cornell University of Wisconsin, University of Pennsylvania in 1916 she attended all of these colleges so she can be an author. Eve Merriam has taught and lectured and many institutions. Eve Merriam first literature book is Family Circle, it was published in 1946, and Inner City Mother Goose this book basis for a 1971 Broadway Musical . Some of her poems is Higgle Wiggle, Rainbow Bridge, The Inner City Mother Goose was described as one the most banned books of the time.

In 1981 she won the NCTE (National Council of Teacher of English) Award of Excellence in Poetry for Children. She wrote 100 books of adult and children books. She got married 4 times with Leonard C. Lewin, Waldo Salt, Martin Michel, it won't say her other husbands. She had two sons with Martin Michel name Guy he was born in 1951, and her other son Dee. Most of her poems are non-fiction and fiction for kids

  • Rhyme: The gingko is leathery as an old bull the willow's branches are like silken thread; the Gingko's like stubby rough wool.
  • Rhythm: It not in there
  • Repetition: It not in there
  • Alliteration: it is not in there
  • Onomatopoeia: it is not in there

Figurative Lanuage

Metaphor: The willow is sleek asa velvet - nosed calf

Simile: The willow's music is like a soprano

Personification: it doesn't have personification

Sensory Language

It does not have sensory language

Willow and Gingko

The willow is like an etching, (1)
Fine-lined against the sky.
The ginkgo is like a crude sketch,
Hardly worthy to be signed.

5 The willow’s music is like a soprano,
Delicate and thin.
The ginkgo’s tune is like a chorus
With everyone joining in.

The willow is sleek as a velvet-nosed calf;
10 The ginkgo is leathery as an old bull.
The willow’s branches are like silken thread;
The ginkgo’s like stubby rough wool.

The willow is like a nymph (2) with streaming hair;
Wherever it grows, there is green and gold and fair.
15 The willow dips to the water,
Protected and precious, like the king’s favorite

The ginkgo forces its way through gray concrete;
Like a city child, it grows up in the street.
Thrust against the metal sky,
20 Somehow it survives and even thrives.

My eyes feast upon the willow,
But my heart goes to the ginkgo.

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