John Rubio College project


1.Letter of intent

2.Embedded Video with Link to Official Website

3.College Application

4.Letter of Recommendation


6.FAFSA Form

Dear UTEP:

April 28,15

500 W. University Ave

El Paso, TX 79968

Dear Diana Natalicio:

My name is John Rubio, and I am writing this letter to convince you that I could join to your college for the following reasons:

First, I want to join because I like the campus that you have built, and I think it could be awesome to be there. I am also interested in the career of mechanical engineering and I want to be part of the soccer team.

Second, my family wants me to attend UTEP and they support me and they trust in me. They think I can be the one to have good future, and this is why I want to join UTEP, so they can be proud of me.

Sincerely : John Rubio

                Letter of Intent

                                               Letter of Recommendation #ACESL6

Dear Dr.Diana Natalicio:

I am pleased to recommend Jesus Garcia to  attend  the University of Texas at El Paso. Here are some reasons why he is a great match for your school.

First, he is very responsible and is able to do all that challenges that you tell him. He also has a good education; he had a 99% in his GPA and had some  awards for being one of the best students during high school.

He is a person that  could help  the school, is very participative in classes and also can help students when they need it.

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